Gregory initially entered the dharma door via Tibetan Buddhism and thereafter the Insight Meditation community - a group committed to early Buddhist teachings of ethics, concentration and wisdom and who uphold the possibility of liberation for all beings.

He conducts a weekly mindfulness meditation night at Temple Byron. He also teaches Buddhism and meditation at a local school.

Vision and mission of the Centre includes :
- Managing and conducting weekly meditation nights - which have the overriding theme of "connection to Earth and the interconnection of all beings" 

-  Managing of regular meditation and mindfulness workshops and retreats - these skills being fundamental to us looking after ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually 
-  Managing of resilience and self compassion workshops , including a "professionals" program - for professionals with busy and demanding personal and work lives who aspire to cultivate mental and emotional balance and excellence, heal and harmonize relationships with themselves and others, prevent burnout and flourish with appreciative joy and wellbeing .

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